All the Yemat Foods products are made in facilities that are ISO/HACCP-certified or meet equivalent standards of manufacturing and quality assurance standards.

As the originator in seaweed manufacturing

Using state-of-the-art technologies and thorough quality assurance systems, Yemat Foods develops a premium-grade quality of seaweed products.

Creating value from resources in harmony with nature

We will continue to push our efforts to demonstrate that we are the No. 1 company in the seaweed industry, and to ensure that only the best quality products and services are being shared with our customers, and the world.

Built on the extensive business experience

We strive to expand our business in all areas, including environmental analysis, trends in the food industry, and competitive analysis. We are dedicated to providing only the best quality products for our customers

Our commitment to bring well-being and happiness to families all around the world has led to endless
challenges and creative thinking in Yemat Foods. We will continue to innovate ourselves to build
towards the shared dream of healthy living around the world.



Selection by Period of Harvest

Seaweed is harvested from the last 10 days of October to early May the following year.
Seaweed harvested during the winter is of the best quality. The followings are the guide to choose the best of the winter seaweed.



What is the “best seaweed”

As it is first harvested As it is the first harvest of the year, the seaweed is soft and pulpy and has an unpleasant odor; the quality isn’t the best. December – March: This is the best season to harvest seaweed